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When you have any kind of painting done 


at your house it is not only important, it is imperative, that you have only highly skilled professionals doing the work. This holds true even more so on the interior than the exterior because you are working around expensive furniture and over carpet with materials that can do permanent damage. When we go inside your house to perform any kind of paint job, great care is taken to insure that there will not be any messes or, especially, any damage to property. All floors are covered with clean drop clothes and all furniture is covered with new plastic.


Customers always ask what they need to do to make a room ready for painting. The answer is....very little. We ask that you remove all pictures and posters from the walls and any knick knacks or breakable items from desk and table tops. We do the rest. We will move and put back the furniture, take down curtains or blinds and put them back, and remove and put back the switch plates on the walls.


When we paint several rooms or the whole interior of a lived in house it will usually take more than one day. What I try to do, when possible, is to take on a room or two at a time and complete everything in that room before moving on to the next room. This insures that the whole house will not be in upheaval during the time it takes to complete the whole job. Most rooms can be done in one day and when doing a whole interior, most houses take 3-4 days to complete.

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