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Some people believe that stucco never needs to be painted because the stucco is color coated and therefore will never wear off. Although the color may be permanent, the stucco itself will begin to wear off in a few years until it is sealed (painted). After about 8-12 years the stucco begins to fade and cracks start to appear due to settling of the foundation. You can always tell when the outer layer of stucco is wearing off by looking at it from a side angle. If you see little glitters everywhere, that is the fiber glass bonding fibers that are being exposed and they should not be. Once your house is  properly painted, the stucco is permanently sealed.


Keep in mind too that stucco is an open  porous surface  and until it is painted it is prone to moisture seeping into the pours. New stucco should always be back rolled when first being painted to properly seal the pours and small cracks. Larger cracks need to be dealt with as part of the preparations before painting. If a contractor is not skilled at patching large cracks the siding of the house will look like a road map when the painting is finished. Once this happens it is pretty much impossible to ever get rid of them.


 -Seals surface areas from moisture


 -Protects stucco against erosion


 -Gets rid of stains and discoloration

                                                                                     -Stucco will not stain or discolor after painting


 -Surface area is much easier to clean. Cobwebs

  and dust does not bind to painted stucco like they      do to open porous stucco


 -Cracks are patched and sealed and rarely come back

-Wet areas from sprinklers and rain dry up immediately


-Areas where rain gutters drain over onto stucco are better  protected


-Easier to blend color to damaged or repaired stucco or  stains; in other words, just touch up with paint


-When properly applied with the right products, paint will  never come off of stucco.

    Listed below are the reasons why it is necessary to paint  stucco sidings   

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