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Chico Painting Contractor JOE SHAW PAINTING

      There was a time when you could not paint     


outside in the winter. It was due to the fact that all we had were oil based products and oil based paints will lock in moisture to the surface. When that moisture tries to escape it causes the paint to crack or peal.

This is not the case with latex paints. Latex paints are WATER based. That means that you can actually paint over a moist surface and the moisture will dry due to the same process that allows the water to dry that is in the latex paint.


Cold weather can be a factor when painting outside because if the paint cannot dry quick enough it will begin to sag on the surface. But this is more of a problem back east and in the mid west than it is in California. Most acrylic latex paints are made to dry in low temperatures, as low as 38 degrees. Here in the California valleys we don't have too many winter days that are colder than 38 degrees





                   Latex paints dry fast                        

I can remember many winter days painting outside when there was a threat of rain. Often we would keep working until we felt the first raindrops and by the time the rain was pouring, the paint was dry. In fifty years I have never had one problem with painting outside in the winter, even when it started raining a couple of hours after we finished painting! 



Yes, if it's extremely cold or rain seems imminent, we will not paint outside. But there are not all that many days like that here in the north valley. Over the years I have literally painted hundreds of houses on the outside in the dead of winter.


"I Do The Job Right!"    -Joe Shaw

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